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Who is Jack?

Jack Lenoir is a scientist turned magician.  He was awarded a PhD in the Life Sciences from University College London, and worked for 6 years at Caltech in Los Angeles in a laboratory that studies the brain.  Jack now has over a decade of experience working as a professional magician in venues such as the Garrick Club, Sketch, Revolution Bar, Lord’s Cricket Club, Home House and Claridges for clients including Chanel, Sky, Jigsaw, Gumtree and the Wellcome Trust.


Perhaps due to his training as a scientist, Jack has had an academic approach to magic, studying the theory and psychology behind sleight of hand.  He was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the masters of the craft, and is constantly in the process of creating new effects for himself and other magicians. Recently, he was hired to work as a magic consultant to provide ideas for a TV magic show.


Tapping into his double background as a magician and a scientist, he frequently performs at science conferences, workshops and festivals, fusing science and psychology with magic and showmanship.


Based in London, Jack has been a member of the prestigious Magic Circle since 2007, and is also a full member of Equity which covers up to £10 million public liability insurance.


His performances are available in English, Dutch, or French.

Magic genes

Francois Vandievortb.png

Magic is part of Jack's DNA.  He was first exposed to magic through his grandfather, François Van Dievort, seen on this picture of ca. 1950 (no, we are not making this up - this really is him!). He was a hobby magician of high standard, performing illusions which are now known as classics of magic. One of them was the bill in lemon, an effect in which the performer requests a note from a spectator, vanishes it, then proceeds to slice a lemon open to reveal the note inside. Only shortly before he passed away, his grandfather shared with him the well-kept secret to this fascinating effect. Needless to say, since that moment, Jack has never looked at sliced lemons the same way.

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