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London magician Jack Lenoir in Versailles
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Are you organising a corporate event?

For corporate events such as a hospitality suite, a product launch, or a Christmas party for the staff, Jack offers the following services. He always enjoys tailoring magic to the needs of his clients, putting their vision at the forefront. Enquire now to discuss the possibilities.  


Walk around/table magic:

In this popular form of magic entertainment, Jack mingles with the crowd, presenting mind-blowing magic for small groups at a time…. a perfect icebreaker to initiate laughter and conversation. Jack has
 worked for major companies including Chanel, Harrods, and Vodafone and regularly adapts his presentations to suit a particular theme, brand or product line.


Organising a large event?


Often hired for corporate events with hundreds of people, Jack may not be able to entertain everyone in the time allotted. This is especially the case for events with over 200 guests. Being a member of London's prestigious Magic Circle since 2007, Jack knows some of the best names in the field with a similar style, and can organise other magicians to work with him and guarantee the best entertainment for all present. To avoid disappointment, please enquire now to ensure his availability, and guarantee a successful event.

Trade shows:

Are you looking for a trade show magician who can help make your exhibit a sought-after destination for visitors? With over a decade of professional experience, Jack has developed the right attitude and sensitivity towards a diverse range of audiences. He know how to approach people and capture the attention within seconds. Then, by means of simple effects, he will hand out your business card, introduce them to your product, and connect them with the members of your stand.  The magic that he offers is sophisticated, polished, and will be tailored to represent your product!

Not every magician has the ability to tailor magic to suit a particular occasion. It takes an understanding of the principles of magic combined with years of experience and a creative mindset to be able to apply those principles to virtually any type of object, event's theme or corporate brand. Jack has worked as a creative advisor for TV magic shows, and has created magic with products ranging from jewellery to things as abstract as software and corporate logos. Enquire now to discuss the possibilities.

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