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What makes a great party?

When you think of a party you have attended in recent years, the first that comes to mind, chances are it had that extra special touch that separates a great party from a good party.  We tend to remember those events that had something unexpected that brings people together and engages them, creating a fantastic atmosphere. As a magician, Jack puts his heart and soul into making this happen. For years he has specialised in strong, interactive effects that are guaranteed to be the talking point of your event. Imagine how your guests will respond when objects appear and disappear inside their closed fist, under the scrutiny of everyone around. Imagine their surprise when Jack guesses the exact word someone is merely thinking of. Imagine the reaction when a real goldfish appears out of nowhere in a glass of water. Creating a magical, memorable experience, however, involves a combination of many factors. Effects like these are only a small part of what Jack will bring. His goal is to deliver a performance that enriches and elevates your event, bringing together the often diverse range of people who are attending (many of whom may not know each other), and creating a lasting impression they will bond over and remember for years to come.

Types of service

For private parties such as weddings and anniversary celebrations, Jack offers a variety of services depending on group size, venue and your specific needs. Jack always puts his client’s needs at the forefront. Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.  


Walk around/table magic:

In this form of high-demand magic entertainment, Jack typically performs at the reception before the dinner, or from table to table in between the courses. He will circulate amongst the guests presenting short interactive and engaging performances. At such close range, magic appears more impossible than ever. This performance format is highly recommended for weddings, where there are often long periods where guests are left waiting around.


Close-up show:

While Jack is often hired for large events, covering an entire venue, he also performs at smaller intimate parties for 10-40 people. In this case, a close-up table-top show for the entire group may be best suited.


Young people’s parties:

For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and children’s birthday parties (aged 12 and up), Jack offers an interactive 30-40 minute show filled with captivating magic that will take the children on a journey. The magic that he offers is sophisticated, original, and 100% rabbit-free!

Jack Lenoir is a very flexible magician, able to perform in virtually any environment, from banging dance floors to large banqueting tables. Contact him now to discuss how he will transform your celebration.


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